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Originally Posted by stack3d View Post
I have the problem at 6'2+ 225lbs. I am lanking just like you and find it hard to put size on my upper body. My legs are bigger then my upper body so it sucks when it comes to being symetrical for bodybuilding but most guys are the opposite so don't be too hard on yourself. Your upper body will catch up eventually and putting on any muscle is good.

I have not seen any pics but I find that you have to be careful in stating that you are putting muscle on your legs when they could infact be fat. I am not saying that is the case but my legs got huge (my term of huge) when I was bulking and thought it was all muscle but when I started trimming down I realized that I am not that out of proporation. Just keep hammering away at the log book and you should be okay.

Good luck with bb. I amd guessing you compete from your avatar.

I do hold more bodyfat in my lower body than my upper body. I am going to just continue eating and working to beat the log book and not be concerned with my lower body/upper body proportions until I have gained considerably more size . I do compete, however am not near the level I would like to be and plan to grown during the next 6 months. My weight at my last show was 192 at 6'2. I hope to compete next at 200 lbs even if the additional 8 lbs is all in my legs. Thank you for the comment.
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