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[QUOTE=homonunculus;835776]Have you also altered other things to make DC training into Getnbigger training?

No sir, I don't mean to make you think I am altering the training. I posted in an incorrect order.

GB, the answer you've been seeking has been put forth probably a 1000 times on this board, but just not applied to the context of your situation. At your height and that weight, you're looking for balance before size. DC training is about size until your really, truly advanced, and then it's about bringing up body parts. The threads are for example about making arms bigger when only weighing 170 at 5'9" that suggest, "get bigger first" are the ones the apply to your situation.

This is a perfect response. My concern is that I was not staying balanced, which is not the goal of DC at all. I hadn't thought about this. After thinking about this answer, who cares if my legs are getting bigger, at least I am growing. Thank you for the quick answer.

I have taken pics, howeve they are too big of kb and I am trying to figure out how to shrink them in order to post.

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