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DC Training and legs growing too big

Fellow lifters,

I'm new to this forum and can not explain how impressed I am with all of the great information. I have been doing DC's 2-day split for about 6 months or so and am loving the intensity and growth. I am 26 years old 6'2 and up to 233 lbs; training seriously for about 5 years.

I am running into a bit of an issue that leads me to a DC question I can't seem to find an answer for. I have searched and I apoligize if this question has been answered 1000 times.

My legs tend to grow considerably faster than my upper body. Due to this issue in my old high volume training style I only trained legs once ever 2-3 weeks with hopes of catching my upper body up.

During the past 6 months I have been doing the DC 2 day split and my weight has increased about 25 lbs and unfortunately a larger portion the weight is in my legs, quads specifically. The workout I am currently following is
Day 1
Back thickness
Back Width

Day 2
Inner leg

My fear is that my upper body will never catch up to my lower body continuing DC's 2 day split. Does anyone else ever have this issue? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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