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Originally Posted by BigGoals2Bdone View Post
Could it be you have a "defect" in your back. You said its in your genetics to have a f'ed up back, don't you think there's a possibility of you having a naturally occuring defect in your back??

there are so many parts in the spine, that it could be a possibility, especially when you mention that your brother, father and grandfather all have back problems....
Yeah, I'm thinking defect=pour skeletal structure or weakened discs or lessened integrity throughout my whole f-ing back - point is, something in my back just isn't as strong as it should be - skeletal system wise.

As far as a defect - my spine isn't crooked or poking out. I don't walk funny and it never hurts unless I do something that it can't handle. I may just be progressing too fast for my spine, so to speak.

I remember last year when I started with 135# on the DL's just to take it easy because I was scared. That's grown to over 300# now. I got to that weight fairly quick and have only had 1 other occassions like this one.

It may be that my muscles are too weak and my spine tries to compensate thus causing problems for me. If so, then you have to look at this: If I'm beating the logbook everytime I DL, and I mean by 10# to 3 reps, and my spine continues to hurt, then I'm setting myself up for a major catastrophe with my lower back and then i'll be out of commission for 6 months - no matter if i get stronger. If my muscles couldn't do the work, then I wouldn't even be able to get it off the floor. I feel my spine and muscles aren't jiving.

Okay, so just lessen the weight and build it slowly you say. Here's the problem I see with that, correct me if I'm wrong - if I'm not recruiting the maximum muscle fibers as possible, then what good am I doing? DC is set up on rest-pause and RP is set up to recruit max fibers based on sets going to failure with minimal time between sets. So if I'm not going to failure within a rep range, then I'm just on a long term cruise. OR I could stop DL's and go to something else that I can progress on and continue building back thickness.

Per DC, "What is approved is anything you truly believe in that you can progress on exercise wise (destroy it, own it, make it your bitch)"

So there you go, DL's aren't worth risking my progressing and my goals. I've been delt a nasty hand and I'll deal with it.

I'll gladly accept other points of view. This is just the way I feel about my situation.
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