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Originally Posted by Ken "Skip" Hill View Post
Calories are stored as fat when they aren't needed. If you are depleted, they are needed. This is the part that people miss when they argue that eating processed carbs are soooo bad for you. They are so stuck on what they have been "fed" for so many years about how processed carbs make you fat, lead to diabetes, etc.. That is only the case when your body doesn't have a NEED for those carbs.

There are arguments that all of the food you eat isn't digested, that is correct. I was recently discussing this with Dr Rich not the last time he was in town the time prior. There is a name for it but I forget what it is. Even if all of the food isn't digested or those calories "don't count", the point is that the impact that it has on your metabolism is the main reason to Skipload, the fact that the carbs are used as glycogen is only really a side benefit. In theory, the fuller you are with glycogen, the longer it takes to get depleted again and burn body fat at an efficient rate, anyway.

the refined carb thing makes sense. good info.

the "it" in bold is ambiguous to me. what is causing the impact--just the fact that there are sufficient hi GI carbs regulating hormone levels and spiking metabolism regardless of the fact that some aren't digested, or that that there is a presence of undigested carbs ()?

also, any theory on how weight magically disappears overnight and where it goes? ex: skipload or massive carb refeed, go to bed, then wake up 3lb magically lighter.

cant be that much energy/tissue burn or water evaporation right? the only other options are bedwetting and bedturding...
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