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I believe 100% in what I am doing. I have goals set for me throughout this year and I plan on attaining every one of them in my quest for the final goal. Saturday July 29, 2 weeks after my contest my bodyweight is at 220lbs from the 194lbs I competed at. I iwll admit it though, I listen to them just to laugh inside at how some things people firmly belive in have no rational backing and to know that these same people will be proved wrong, it's only a mtter of time.
Here was the workout from yesterday
Quadriceps, Hamstrings
The temperature yesterday was around 90 or so and the temp in the gym was just as hot if not hotter. Hard Nock's is a small gym with no A/C, just industrial fans circulating the air. This high temperature and the though of BFt training for legs was going to make for a very painful and mentally challenging day. Without any further delay, I was ready.

3 sets of 12 for leg raises
10 minutes stationary bike Level 4 at 85-90rpms
Leg Extensions
100lbs x 15 wu
250lb stack x 10+8*, 170 x 4+8, 100 x 6+6
250lb stack+25lb plate x 10+6, 170 x 4+6, 90 x 6+6
* this set my training partned decided he was ging to lean on the extension pad every rep because I made it look too easy. I tried to explain that I would rather have actual measured weight added than have to guess how much resistance he was providing, he didn't seem too thrille dover this but agreed nonetheless
Cybex Power Squat Presses
1 Leg at a time
carraiage+180lbs x 10 slow reps each leg
Body Masters Power Squat
270lbs x 10 slow-slow reps
-the reps for presses and squats are performed extremely slow and controlled. without getting a definite time that elapsed I would have to guess around 10 seconds for each phase of the lift, positive then negative, so about a 20-25 second rep
Lying Leg Curls
Body Masters Prone Leg Curl
200lbs x 3+6, 130 x 2+4, 60 x 15**
150lbs x 6+2 EFRS, 90lbs x 4+2 EFRS
** this drop was not BFT style as no froced reps were perfomed but my partned figured since I grossly miscalculated my start weight and drop to get all the reps on my own should suffice
EFRS were extremely painful but very effective, I almost face planted after getting out of the machine it was great.

Take Care and train hard!

-Matt Cena
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