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Chest and Calves
BodyMasters Pec Fly machine
50lbs x 15 for warmup
-into some basic chest stretching and mentaly preparing myself for the torture that awaits me in the form of my sets
200lbs x 10+8*, 140lbs x 1+6, 100lbs x 2+8
*these are full forced reps providing just enough momentum to keep me from doing a negative
200lb stack+25lb plate x 8+8, 140x1+8, 100 x 2+8
Flat Barbell bench Presses
315lbs x 4+8, 225lbs x 2+8, 135lbs x 1+6
Smith Machine Flat Presses
315lbs x 9+8, 225lbs x 2+8, 135lbs x 4+6
Seated Calf Raises
200lbs x 4+3, 145lbs x 6+3, 100lbs x 2+3, 45lbs x 10
Standing Calf raises
570lbsx 8, 405lbs x 8, 300lbs x 8, 210lbs x 8, 105lbs x 8
-for calves I had to spot myself so it was a little more difficult to get the forced reps on seated, standing were done to 8 for each drop during the set
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