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I am currently in the first phase of my off season training. My bodyweight, as mentioned before, has increased from 194lbs to 215lbs in 11 days. This is a 21lb increase and by no means am I believing that it is all muscle but it is a start in the right direction for the type of physique I plan on presenting on stage next year.
Phase I: My Phase I training approach is BFT style. I will be completing my second week of BFT workouts this Friday and will backlog that information for this training journal. I know one thing, I respond very well to no time off after a contest and this type of training. My strength levels have increased and I am recovering at a rather remarkable rate.
Diet: I will be nailing my diet within the next few days as I phase out any cheat foods. I am currently consuming 8 meals per day. By meals I mean a sitting where either food or an MRP is consumed. I have four whole food meals and 4 MRP's, not counting protein shakes as meals.

Well that is all the info for now and I will post the workouts from thus far later on during the week as I do not have that information in front of me at this time. I thank all who have taken interest into my unique traing and dietary approach, promising that this will be a productive year.

-Matt Cena
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