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Genetix: Road to Redemption

I have just finished competing in my first Team Universe event on the 14th and 15th of ths month. I finished 13th out of 17 competitors in the ligh-heavyweight class and weighed in at 194lbs. I am currently prepping for the 2007 Team Universe and have been training since the 16th in a quest to come in bigger and harder than my first outing.
My current bodyweight is 215lbs as of the 25th and I plan on it only going up! I have been implementing various training and dietary strategies in a quest to do so. I will be providing my workouts and nutrition/supplements for the time being for review and critique from any who feel the need to do so. I am also using this as a tool to better myself as a competitor both inside and outside of the gym. This will be a full year's worth of training as I prepare for my next NPC event.

-Matt Cena
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