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Scott, great post!

On Sundays I grill a buttload of chicken breasts, pork chops or steaks, and brown and rinse ground beef, for the rest of the week. When I was eating it, I'd also make about four cups of brown rice or pearled barley and bake about six or eight sweet potatoes. It's also easy to boil, steam or grill a ton of veggies. Then it'd all gets weighed (when I'm cutting) and put into ziplocks or tupperwear. If I was really that rushed I'd eat it cold. VERY rarely was I actually ever in a situation where I truly couldn't eat my stuff - it takes me all of 5 minutes or less if need be.

But, there have been those few times where shakes had to do, but that really is few and far between. I truly believe with a little advance preparation and creativity there's no reason why a person can't have whole foods most of the time, and my job was VERY demanding and busy at times.
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