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Originally Posted by btech
For some reason I feel no fury against these people, although I cannot comprehend why any grown man would be interested in getting off at looking at little kids.

As to why I don't feel outraged by these people, what if it's something they're born with and cannot help...kind of like a person who is gay?

Me, I'm more into older women myself....
If two consenting adults (with whatever particular parts they have) go inside of a room and screw each other's brains out, who else are they hurting?

Regardless of the origins of pedophilia, though, the fact is that children are getting hurt. It could be their children or your children... and that is something that follows these children for their entire lives. A child does not ask for this and should never be exposed to this. That is what gets people pissed off. I'm not saying whether or not the behavior is hardwired or learned or what, but the bottom line is that children are getting affected.
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