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Just passing this on from another BB board

Originally Posted by DrMoney23 Admin at

I talked with Sexystuff(his ex girlfriend of 2 years) this morning on the phone and she confirmed that Big Guns has been busted for online child pornography. She said he bought a membership to an online site(and I have the site but not going to post it) and apparently the feds have been watching it. He was busted Oct 18th and the feds seized all his stuff. The site contained pics of acts with 4, 5, and 6 year old kids....Sexystuff said she clicked on the site in his email and saw the pics. Thats some sick shit!!!!! She is not sure if he is still in jail or out on bond. She has to talk with an FBI agent next week and BGs will be getting some federal prison time. His account at MM has been deleted. I wanted to get this info out there for any sources who have dealt with him in the past. DO NOT reply to any emails from him. If you have an outstanding order for him, keep it(or send it to me, lol). Feel free to spread it to as many boards as possible. His name is James Gregory Morris and I having been looking for info on the Dallas County websites but have not been about to find anything since it is a federal case. I'll keep everyone posted....I will be talking to Sexystuff again next week.

Please feel free to pass this along, this is more of a warning to those who have dealt with him.


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