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Big O's Intro

I am 23 years old around 210 lbs and fairly lean. I have been lifting weights since I was 15 for high school football. I played offensive line back then and graduated high school at 5'10'' 265lbs. I was strong for a high school kid (340 bench, 475 squat) but really pretty fat. Upon graduating I decided to lose the weight and within 8 months I was down to 205 lbs through a weight training program that consisted of 6 day a week 2 hour per day training sessions

Obviously the 2 hour weight training programs were good at promoting fat loss and burning calories they but didn't do jack regarding helping me build muscle and I actually lost a ton of strength in my legs. I then researched training methodologies and found the writings of Dorian Yates, Mike Mentzer, and Arthur Jones to make a great deal of sense to me. I have been following a Yates style HIT program for the past year or so but have recently had some major problems trying to recover from the workouts. About a month or so ago I read the cycles for pennies and the stickies on this forum and almost immediately thought DC training made a great deal of sense and it might be easier to recover from DC workouts than a Yates HIT session (multiple exercises for each body part in the same workout and going to failure on all of them would kick my ass lol). I started my first DC blast this week and am looking forward to seeing my strength go up as I am a firm believer in getting stronger=getting bigger
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