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  5. Jimmy Kennedy's 2011-2012 NFL Season
  6. 8/30/11- Business AND Pleasure in Cleveland this weekend
  7. Congratulations to Tracy Bodner for getting her Pro Card
  8. 9/8/11 - Headed to San Diego this morning
  9. 9/19/11 Jordan Peters 5 weeks from British Finals
  10. 9/23/11 Writing for
  11. VIDEO BLOG - Prepared Foods And My Diet
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  13. Possible TEAM SKIP Experiment - Hear me out
  14. 10/17/11 - VIDEO BLOG - My Current Back Injury
  15. Update on my back
  16. Teaming up for an Oxygen Magazine shoot
  17. Just Sayin' Rant 1 - Men's Physique WTF?
  18. My new article is live: Recovery During Contest Prep
  19. New Rant is LIVE: The Answer to Unemployment?
  20. 12/6/11 Chill around these parts
  21. Rant #3 is LIVE: How to Find a Bodybuilder on Facebook
  22. Ham, Green-Bean Casserole and My Drunk Wife: New Rant is Live!
  23. My interview on Iron Subculture
  24. New Article is LIVE.
  25. TEAM SKIP chili recipe
  26. Skiploading in Fitness X magazine
  27. SKIP's Training
  28. Quit Being Such A Baby: Rant is LIVE
  29. Meeting with Jimmy tomorrow
  30. Jimmy Kennedy off season 2012
  31. Open Letter to the Pros: New Rant is LIVE
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  34. A 2012 Skip Journal?
  35. 2nd place WheelChair Nationals
  36. I'm Bringing Sexy Back (2012 log)
  37. A Tale of Two Fatties - New RANT
  38. Available for Seminars starting in July
  39. New TEAM SKIP Training Service
  40. Crap. Might have to slow down a little
  41. 2 new things Launching May 1st
  42. Pssst .... I have a secret May RANT is LIVE
  43. Post-Workout Carb Source Article on MuscleMag is up
  44. Training Clients In Ohio This Week
  45. Slappy and Coach - Rant is LIVE
  46. Pics from the Weekend with Deon
  47. Evolution of a Journey
  48. Looking to book 2 more client trips starting in July
  49. Cardio Cycling article is up on
  50. New Rant is up: Add a Dimension
  51. MuscleMag won't publish this Rant :)
  52. New Rant - I have already won the show
  53. PJing pics from Colorado State
  54. TEAM SKIP Tranmogrify
  55. Sturgis/Michigan Shape Up
  56. This is the good stuff
  57. TEAM SKIP Nutrition Seminar in Michigan
  58. Shoulder training article LIVE on
  59. A Sequel to the Longevity DVD?? What?
  60. Hormone issues? We can fix that, too.
  61. Politics in Bodybuilding: New Rant
  62. TEAM SKIP Training Protocol (ARTICLE)
  63. New Rant: The Scale is LIVE
  64. Tricep Article is LIVE on
  65. Phil Heath has come along way in 10 years (pic)
  66. Mr. O Top 5 Article is LIVE on
  67. Results of the last TEAM SKIP experiment
  68. What a mess this turned into tonight
  69. Hey Fatty! New Rant is LIVE on
  70. More Jimmy Kennedy and Bounty Scandal shit today
  71. Anth Bailes gets pro card
  72. Get Calves that don't suck - My latest article
  73. No one likes a know-it-all
  74. An oldie but a goody...
  75. Real Life vs. The Internet
  76. Build Bigger Forearms Without Training Them
  77. Beast Mode? Take the Quiz
  78. Skiploading article in Flex Magazine this month
  79. TEAM SKIP Seminars in 2013
  80. New Skip's World Daily Blog?
  81. Skip and Sissy's World 2013 (Daily Blog, Q and A and other white trash musings)
  82. One-on-One TEAM SKIP consults for 2013
  83. Newbie Handbook for New Year's Resolutioners (RANT)
  84. I have a REALLY good idea for a TEAM SKIP experiment BUT ....
  85. My latest article on about building biceps
  86. Anyone have the March issue of FLEX?
  87. How is this for conditioning?
  88. Wrote this 2 years or so ago. Found it on
  89. 40 year old TEAM SKIP physique competitor
  90. My latest article: How to keep your back healthy
  91. Cardio Cycling article in March FLEX Magazine
  92. New Rant is up at Times Have Changed
  93. The latest TEAM SKIP experiment
  94. I need to fill 5 TEAM SKIP spots this month
  95. My interview is up on John Meadow's site
  96. Work for ATT wireless?
  97. Rich wins the Minnesota State lightheavy and overall
  98. Moco and Rco win big today
  99. TEAM SKIP joins the TEAM
  100. My Bio is up on
  101. First Rant on EliteFTS
  102. Hashy ~ Newbie
  103. So... Everyone is mad at me .. again. Go figure. LOL
  104. Read it, Share it and Like it
  105. New Rant on 9/15 is up
  106. Want to fill 3 TEAM SKIP consulting spots this next week
  107. New Just Sayin' up for October
  108. Looking for experienced PR/SEO work
  109. TEAM SKIP experiment?
  110. Latest Rant on EliteFTS: Bodybuliding Panhandling
  111. 3 Reasons Getting Old Sucks - new article is up
  112. The sequel to the Longevity DVD
  113. Announcement: What the Longevity 2 DVD will look like
  114. Who defines Discipline? New Just Sayin'
  115. Latest Article on
  116.'s 2013 Make A Wish E-book
  117. Do You Even Christmas Bro??
  118. Just A Little Patience - My latest on
  119. Skip's World 2014 (and a little bit of Sissy too)
  120. TEAM SKIP/EliteFTS seminar that I did in Kingston, Jamaica
  121. my latest Just Sayin' on - Can We All Get Along?
  122. Update on the IIFYM experiment I am finishing up
  123. Let's see who this pissed off
  124. 3/2/14 article posted on
  125. Misleading much?
  126. My latest article on EliteFTS: Metabolic Damage
  127. Mislabeling of foods on grocery store shelves - article
  128. TEAM SKIP protein new look?
  129. Don't Be A Turd: My latest article
  130. Bodybuilding - Why I Hate Your Guts
  131. Leaving for Wichita Friday morning
  132. Bacon
  133. A good refeed article that was passed on to me
  134. Gluten Sensitive or Attention Whore? Just Sayin'
  135. This is a good read about gluten
  136. You down with OCD? My latest EliteFTS article
  137. Let's see who takes this one out of context
  138. There seems to be a theme here ... Hmmm...
  139. How to contact skip for coaching
  140. Do Experts REALLY Exist? My latest EliteFTS Just Sayin Column
  141. Announcement coming by Monday
  142. My latest on : What If?
  143. Announcement: I have teamed with Project Bodybuilding
  144. Interview on Blue Collar Muscle (RxMuscle Radio)
  145. I'm Not Sad For Mike Matarazzo - Just Sayin'
  146. Q and A Episode 1 - 8/29/14
  147. Questions for my Q and A #2
  148. Check out the Olympia Show tomorrow on
  149. Till I Collapse ('14,'15 and '16 Journal)
  150. My 2nd Episode Q and A on
  151. My predictions (and others) for the Mr O.
  152. My next project has been announced
  153. Ask questions for Episode 3 Q and A here